Melissa Barnett, OD, Discusses Lid Hygiene in Women in Optometry


In an article released earlier this year by Women in Optometry, Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAO, FSLS, states that while she has noticed increasing awareness of the importance of eyelid hygiene, there are still too few doctors discussing this important...

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Dry Eye Disease: Finding the Right Treatment


The first two parts of our series on dry eye disease discussed the many causes and symptoms of the condition. In the third and final installment, we discuss available treatment options.

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Can You Foresee Dry Eye Disease? Know the Symptoms


In the first part of our series on dry eye disease, we discussed the many causes of the condition. Now we’ll turn our focus to the symptoms that sufferers are likely to experience and how proper diagnosis is key to your treatment regimen.

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Hyaluronic Acid: The Facts


If someone were to ask you what sunscreen has in common with eye surgery, we wouldn’t fault you for not knowing. Not many do. The answer is hyaluronic acid. That might not sound too interesting at first, but this substance is quite amazing. In...

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What is Dry Eye Disease?


Dry eye disease, also referred to as dry eye syndrome, or simply dry eye, is a chronic disease estimated to affect more than 26 million Americans. Dry eye can occur when eyes do not produce the necessary quantity or quality of tears....

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Paragon BioTeck, Inc. Announces Call for 2017 Koch Kellan Scholarship Applicants


Award supports a graduate medical student committed to pursuing a clinical, teaching or research career in ophthalmology

PORTLAND, Ore. – September 1, 2016 – Paragon BioTeck, Inc., a privately held pharmaceutical and medical device company,...

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Dry Eye article by Whitney Hauser, OD, published in CRST


A recent Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today article by Whitney Hauser, OD, “Modalities for Managing Dry Eye Disease,” discusses the growing recognition of the seriousness and prevalence of dry eye disease. As Dr. Hauser points out, as the dry...

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National Eye Exam Month: Why, When, and How to Get Checked


August is National Eye Exam Month, and I know what you might be thinking: gee... thrilling! In terms of excitement, it’s not exactly National Frisbee Day or National Skydiving Week, but think for a moment about what you need to participate in...

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Children’s Eye Health: Looking out for Eye Safety


In our last post about children’s eye health, we focused on the importance of regular eye exams. As we near the end of Prevent Blindness America’s (PBA) Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, we turn to keeping eyes safe at home.

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Why August is the Time to Look into Kids’ Eye Health


As the summer winds down and kids gear up for a new school season, parents have a lot on their plates. It’s time to stock up on pens, notebooks, and maybe a new calculator. However, one of the most valuable learning tools that children have at...

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